Every bucket cost less than a Ticket/Swish with our Rangecard!

We want you to practice at our facility!
Save up to 15% per bucket with a FREE rangecard

Anyone can get a rangecard at our facility. The card is personal och is toped up with money which are used for rangeballs from the ballmachine. You can top up the card as many times as you like with any value you like. Did you know that we DOUBLE the value on the first top up for every new customer.

Load your ball card

We offer the following alternatives:

Load your card with:               Get extra value, free of charge:

500:-                                           50:-
1 500:-                                        300:-
3 000:-                                       900:-

Prepare your game for your golf experience

We want you to have the best golfexperience possible. By arriving early before your round gives you the opportunity to perform out on the course. This includes a well performed warm up at the driving range and practice areas. Or putting in the practices hours in between rounds. Member or not, welcome to purchase you ballcard the front desk.